Colca Canyon trekking

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  Best colca trek 4 days / 3 nights 4 days / 3 nights  

Best Colca trek is best suited for those who like to SWEAT and discover the places not visited by tourists and travel agencies classics. we thing this hike is the best colca trek.

Availability and departure : only on private request ( private departure).

First Day:Arequipa 2300 m. - Cabanaconde 3287 m. - llahuar 2200 m.

6:00 AM - We will be picking you up from your hotel and heading to the bus station to set out by bus to Cabanaconde. Lunch upon arrival.

2:00 PM - We start our descent from Cabanaconde to the colca river in 4 hours. The descent to the Colca River winds through warm desert terrain. Walking sticks or canes are recommended. On the first stretch of trail we’ll pass ancient terraces that date back to Pre-Incan times. On the way we will see the local people going about their daily lives. We will cross a suspension bridge that takes us to our camping site in Llahuar.

The campground consists of bamboo houses where we’ll be spending the night. Facilities are basic.

This day : 4 hours down from Cabanaconde to the colca river (1087 M. down).

40 min. up from the river to Llahuar . ( 200 m. up)

Second Day: Llahuar 2200 m. - fure 2900 m. - huaruro waterfall 3000 m. - fure village 2900 m.

6:30 AM - Breakfast. We then continue our hike to the village of Fure 4 horas, however we’ll be getting some help from our donkey and muleteer (carrying food and supplies) who will be there to ease our burden. Lunch.

After a rest we will go to the Huaruro waterfall. Afterward, we’ll return to the village of Fure (2-3). dinner and camping.

4 hours up from llahuar to fure village (700 m. uo)

2-3 hours up-flat and down from Fure to the huarruro waterfall- Fure village

Third Day : fure village 2900 m. to the Oasis de Sangalle 2150 m.

After breakfast trekking to the Oasis- 4-5 trek (flat and down) lunch. In the afternoon we are free to enjoy the nature and the swimming pool.

Dinner and we sleep in basic bambu huts.

The oasis of Sangalle is a great place to relax and appreciate nature, while also to taking advantage of the swimming pools of lukewarm water (22ºC). Our guide will be explaining the various native fruits growing in the oasis, such as the lucma, the pacay, and the chirimoya. You will also have the opportunity to taste them.

4- 5 hours down to from fure village to the Oasis

IMPORTANT: this day you can customize your hike:

  1. continue in the afternoon to Cabanaconde ( 3 hours up) and sleep in a hotel in Cacabaconde and the day 4 don't leave from the Oasis at 4 am.
  2. Or in the afternoon after lunch in Oasis continue the trek ( 2 hours) to the east part of the canyon to San Juan de chucho village , spend the night in a house of the local families and the day after at 3 am leave from san Juan de chuccho village 2200 m. to Cabanaconde village 3300 m. in 4 hours, bus to condor cross. Please let us know in advance your choice.
Fourth Day: Oasis 2200 m. -Cabanaconde 3300- Cruz del condor -Arequipa

At 4 am we leave our trek up from Oasis to Cabanaconde.

breakfast in Cabanaconde, then transport to the Lookout of Condor’s Cross to appreciate the flight of the condor. Thermal baths ( optional), “ La Calera” in Chivay 3600 m. . Then we have a lunch and return to Arequipa.

6:00 PM - Arrival and transfer to the hotel.

- If we have only 3 days can you recommend another similar trek ?

Yes we recomend our not classic colca trek a la carte

please check our treks options at the top of this page

Important. - You will sleep in bamboo cabins, in Oasis (Sangalle) there are 4 places where we can sleep, the 4 places are really very basic. But all the 4 places (pseudo lodges) each owner informed us that have the best service but we have checked it and for us the 4 places have the same facilities and services and there are not differences.
In each room there are: Beds and blankets. you will share the room only with the person that you know , you can choose between matrimonial room, double room , triple room and quadruple.
Each hostel has their own swimming pool.    
Inside the rooms there are not electricity only on the front desk you can charge batteries.
Remember the Oasis is located inside the Colca canyon , on the bottom of the canyon, some customers think that the rooms are dusty. Remember you are on the nature ¡  For the nights we recommend you carry a trek liner, on the bamboo huts you will have blankets but if you like to have only your personal scent on the bed please carry your own trek liner.
We can offer private rooms but you need to share the toilets and showers
All the swimming pools and hostel take the water from the only one spring that exist in the Oasis , the temperature of the water is 23 grados centigrados they use the same water for the showers, there are not hot water in the shower.
Accommodations in llahuar inside the canyon is adequate but the cabins are small  and not have windows and toilet is about to 100 m. from Cabins.

in Oasi and in San Juan de chuccho have private toilets inside the room, if you like one room with private bathroom please book it with months in advance.

We have 2 kinds of services:


TOURIST BUS SERVICE: 20-35 tourists in the bus, yes we share the transport with others travel agencies. This is not our transport.

We trek maximun with 12 customers with one guide of Pablo Tour. Sure, we share the tourists bus with other travel agencies but on the trek we avoid the crowd , we trek more, All is included on the price. Pablo tour is one of the few companies that work only with official trekking guides.

We don´t receive tourist from other travel agencies , You will trek allways with a Pablo tour´s guide.

The biggest advantage of this type of service (tourist bus service) is that it is less expensive than the private transport service.
Obviously, more people in transport is cheaper.
But do not be mistaken, if you take this service with Pablo tour : Our trek is always different, we walk more and avoid the masses of tourists by taking different routes or walking in the opposite direction.

  • In the first day, this tourist bus goes through the various hotels to pick up the passengers. This bus pick up passengers from many different hotels.
  • The client must be waiting between 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. for the tourist Bus; you may wait without knowing the exact time of pickup, you need to wait ready from 3 am inside your hotel.
  • In conclusion,The fist day the bus leaves from Arequipa at 4:00 am, and continues to the condor cross with only one stop in Yanque village for the breakfast.The bus arrives at the condor lookout at 8:30 am, the bus wait 30 min. in the condor cross.
  • On the last day, in the morning the tourist bus service stop only 2 times in Colca valley to take pictures for sightseeing terraces. One stop 30 min, for the hot spring in Yanque village.
  • After lunch in the last day, you make 2 more stops on the national reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca: Llamas, vicuñas, alpacas and in the Patamapa viewpoint at 4850mhsl. From there you can see the andes range and volcanoes.We arrive to Arequipa 18:00hrs at 4 blocks from Arequipa´s Main square.
  • If you take the connection to Puno the last day after lunch , don´t worry you will not skipe the visits on the National Park of Salinas and aguada blanca because the tourist bus to Puno make the same stops and visits along the way arriving to Puno 19:30hrs.
  • If on the last day you have the conection to continue to Puno , you will have only 30 min. for the lunch. and not problem for the hot spring in the last day , you will have time to enjoy it.
  • Only if you have the connection to Puno the last day, you have to take your bags to Cabanaconde on the tourist bus. There, In Cabanaconde you can store your bags for a few soles. And at the end of the trek you can keep it.


-The first day you have to wait ready inside your hotel , generally a minimum one hour from 03:00 am to 04:00 am

-Is not included , mules and horsemen to carry your personal things.
-Very early departure.
-In the first day The tourist bus in shared service arrive at 8:30 to 9:00 am, at the condor cross and you wait the condor only 30 min.
-If you need a connexion from the Colca canyon (Chivay village) to Puno after the trek it's possible but the tourist bus leaves from Cabanaconde ( in the last day of the trek ) at 10:00 am and this tourist bus arrive to Chivay village at 12:10 and the bus for Puno leave at 13:15 pm. You will have only 30 min. to take a lunch. ( is necessary to be 15 min, before the departure).
- The tourist bus leave from Cabanaconde at 10:00 am and arrive to Arequipa city between 18:00hrs

-We are not responsible for any delays or cancellations, change schedule without notice. (it´s not ours buses) But normally we don´t have problems , this information is only on case of.

-On the tourist bus there is not a suitcase hold, the suitcases are put in the transport aisle, between the two rows of seats.
We will not be responsible for future claims.
Of course, in Cabanaconde we know a place to store your suitcases for a few soles, but if there is any loss, we will not responsible. This is only in case of , we never had at the moment any problem.

-This is not a Pablo Tour transport, is not our driver. Normally people complain because they drive fast.

PRIVATE TRANSPORT SERVICE Comfortable service, maximum 4 people in the transport and 4 people in the trek. When you book, if your familly or friends are more than 4 people , you will be in the transport and during the trek only with the people that you know. For sure we will use a bigger tranport.

  • Private transport service is opposite to the tourist bus in shared service. With the private transport service we do many stops in the toilets and in places to take pictures and it’s more comfortable. (climatized).Personalized travel in small group. You can stop anywhere.       
  • In private car service the first day we pick you up from your hotel at 6:00 am. and the last day we arrive to Arequipa 16:30/17:00 hrs, we drop you to your hotel.
  • It's a service to people who are interested in visiting also the Colca valley, remember that the trekking is into the Colca Canyon.
  • In the transport and in trek there are maximum 4 people.
  • It’s a service to people who like more comfort in the transport and to know better the Colca valley and the colonial village's along the way. With plenty of stops for toilettes as well.
  • In a private service, we visit the Colca valley making more stops for sightseeing terraces, pre-inca tombs, volcanoes, the national reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca: Llamas, vicuñas, alpacas and colonial villages, etc.
  • If you have a conextion from Colca to Puno the last day , you can leave with all your back pack , there is much space inside the transport. And during your trek, the driver will take care of your backpack. For the conexion Colca to Puno it will be easier for you. You will have enough time for the lunch and hot spring. This bus leave at 13:15pm from Chivay village and arrive to Puno city 19:30hrs.
  • Only by private car service we include during the 4 days trek , one mule and one horsemen (arriero) .The mule will carry all your things, you will carry during the trek just your camera. The horsemen will take care of the mule and your things. Like this you will help the local economy, thanks to this work the local people will stay on their village . Yes you will help to conserve the folklore.
    The arriero ( horsemen) will be proud if you ask to speak in Quechua, also he can learn you a little the quechua language.
    -The mule will carry 10 kilos per person during the 4 days
    -The Arriero ( horsemen) take care of your things and the mule
  • Transport
  • All transfers
  • Oxygen equipment / (only by private car)
  • First-aide kit
  • Entrance fee to national reserve and Aguada Blanca y Salinas
  • Entrance fee to Oasis
  • Trekking into the canyon
  • Trekking official guide
  • All meals
  • Mule carries, the food also your backpack maximum (10 kilos per person) only by private car service
  • Horsemen or horse handler
  • Accommodation 3 nights in bamboo houses
  • Ticket for la Calera (hot spring)
  • Water, you can buy during the trek
  • Snacks
  • Tips

Departures: On request

Observation.-In the last day if you do not want to return to the city of Arequipa, we can customize this tour and we can go in the same car to the city of Puno for a few dollars more.

Observation.-On this service (private transport), on the last day, you can enjoy the Colca valley and to do the different visits like, view points, condor cross, colonial villages, thermal baths. Etc.

Important: During this trek we include one mule that Carry 15 kilos per each customer during the trek inside the Canyon. (available only by private car service)
If you like to ride on the mule:

First. - We don`t recommend it because there was some accidents.
Normally people the ride on the mules the last day of the Colca trek from the bottom of the canyon to Cabanaconde.
If some of our customer decide to do it we are not responsible for future accidents and remember this is extra, this service is not included on our treks. We include just the mule that carry your personal things during the Colca trek (10 kilos per each customer)
BAGS FOR THE MULE.- And remember we provide on the treks backs to transport your personal things  ( 10 kilos per person) like this you need during the trek just a day pack to carry your sunblock, bottle of water, camera etc. Available only by private car service.
ECOLOGICAL  BAGS FOR THE  RUBBISH.-  ( Available on private car service and by tourist bus on shared service)  Pablo tour is an ECO RESPONSIBLE COMPANY , Pablo tour`s team  take care the nature and during our tours, treks and expeditions our guides carry a bag for the plastic  bottles . Please if you buy plastic bottle of water   during the trek put the empty plastic bottle inside our ecological bags, the guide will transport it to our office in Arequipa city. Our guides will provide you this ecological Rubbish Bag.
Important: the rain season in Arequipa region is from November to March But during these months is possible to trek, the only month that sometimes we have many rain is on February .
On the rain season except February in the morning is blue sky, please during the rain season we recommend carry your rain jacket.

  • Swimming Customs.
  • Torch / Flashlight.
  • Sun Block.
  • Insects Repellent (Specially if you have sweet blood for them).
  • Towels.
  • Shampoo, bath soap, etc
  • Snacks.
  • Water (you can buy in all the villages).
  • Cap or hat.
  • Personal medications.
  • Hiking stick(s).
  • Sleeping Bag, up the trekking.
  • Enthusiasm.
* There’s no risk of Malaria at all.
  • The passenger is under the obligation to mention of any health problem or past injury to assure and guarantee the safety of the trip.
  • We must be said weather the person is vegetarian to make the arrangements for his/her food.
  • In case of any struggle, please contact us the our phone numbers:

    MOBILE: (51) 941 4140 48
    Available 24/7.
The stuff is competent and is being trained eventually, every now and then.(OFFICIEL GUIDES).




Extreme Caution Payments Sale Rules

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