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  arequipa tours :Arequipa city tour,Arequipa countryside tour ,toro muerto petroglyhs tour    

Arequipa tours is a selection of tours in Arequipa. Minimun 3 hours and maximun full day tour, on the city tour Arequipa, you will discover arequipa downtown :Churches and convents. On the arequipa country side the Arequipeños style life , you can see arequipeños on their daily activities (farmers) also you will visit the colonial house Of mansion el fundador and the famous sabandia mill. You can visit also the petroglyphs of toromuerto in the midle of the Arequipa desert. Here you can see more than 5 thousend volcanic stones with different representations from Pre-inca times.

Arequipa city tour Private

Duration: 3 hours

09.00 am passengers will be collected from your respective hotel to visit:

  • La basilica cathedral of arequipa, where we can visit the two jewels of the city of arequipa; the belgian organ and the pulpit of french origin made in l'ile by a famous french artist busines rigot.
  • La iglesia de la compañía de jesús (the church of jesus’ company) a beautiful church with an impressive frontage of half-caste, baroque style, here we can find elements of native and european decoration, where we can interpret the iconography of this epoch.
  • La cúpula de san ignacio de loyola y los claustros de la compañía (the dome of san ignacio de loyola and the cloisters of the company), in this dome we see a polychrome decoration made with natural dyes and see a beautiful painting of bernado vitti, (artist jesuit) that represents san ignacio of loyola in the storta. inside the church we can appreciate the works of another interesting artist - diego portales; it is presumed that he was a pupil of pedro pablo rubens in europe. diego portale painted pictures such as jesus’ entry to jerusalem and the last supper; in the middle of the table you can see andean elements as a guinea pig.
  • El monasterio y convento de santa catalina (the monastery and saint catalina convent of siena) which dates back to the end of the 16th century. it represents to the spanish influence; this place is considered to be a citadel inside the city of arequipa. it is rich in architecture and painting. it the year 1970 a part of the monastery opened itself for visitors .it has a current area of 20 426.00 square meters. in its day there were 500 women of whom 180 were religious and the rest there were the maidens (servants) who were serving the nuns. even now nuns still live in the northern area of the convent.
    it is well-known for lodging women of the colonial epoch and some of these women had been forced by their own families to devote themselves to the religion. ideally it was also a way of sheltering of the society male chauvinist of the colonial epoch.
    on this tour we will combine the visit of the colonial part of arequipa with the surroundings which is found located in a quarter of colonial style: yanahuara and also we will visit the lookout point of carmen alto where there exists pre-incan terraces, an excellent lookout point of the chilina valley and the three volcanoes, misti chachani, pichu pichu.

Note: – if you have more time we can add a visit to the countryside of arequipa. a combination between the city tour and the countryside tour we call it the combined Visit and the time of this tour is approximately 5 hours. Sure you need to pay extra for.

arequipa city tour in arequipa included:
  • Official english speaking guide
  • Transport in private car
  • Bottle of oxygen
  • Entrance fees
not included:
  • snacks & meals
arequipa TOUR country side private tour

Duration: 3 hours

09.00 passengers will be collected from their hotels. we will head to la mansión de fundador, molino de sabandia, plaza de paucarpata , mirador de sachaca.

the countryside corresponds to the set terraces and colonial towns of southern arequipa, it is the refuge of the ancient arequipeños of those characatos and lonccos (arequipeños with colonial customs) that have mixed customs of spanish as peruvians, known by their wide sombreros made of straw and for the way of life they are; stockbreeders and farmers.

  • on this trip we will visit the Mansión del fundador which is a colonial style house in the middle of these terraces, this site we can remember the style of the spanish life in the spanish colonial period, this construction is made from sillar which is volcanic rock. (note. it is a private mansion and sometimes it is closed or rented for private events) this visit is according to availability.
  • El molino de sabandia (sabandia mill) also is a construction in the colonial style, you can visit the well known mill which works by water power.
  • La plaza de paucarpata (paucarpata main square) this is a beautiful main square with beautiful palm trees. we can visit the church, of which the front of the church is in the colonial style.  
arequipa tour country side tour included:
  • official english speaking  guide
  • transport in prívate car
  • bottle of oxygen
  • entrance fees
not included:
  • snacks & meals
arequipa tour toro muerto petroglyphs private tour

Duration: all day

07.30 passengers will be collected from their respective hotels; we will travel by private car to  majes-corire valley (3-4 hours of travel) 7 km to the town of corire where you will find the petroglyphs. (carvings in the rocks)

these petroglyphs are found in the desert, where there exist 5000 petroglyphs with different representations, these petroglyphs date from 700 years bc, to the pre-inca wari or huari cultures.

many times we have asked - what were the ancient peruvians doing previously? here we will be able to find answers to this question, according to some students this area is an enormous stone library, where we will be able to interpret the figures and drawings that the ancient peruvians left to us.

these petroglyphs were found in the desert, where it is hot for the entire year.

on your visit you will be accompanied by a specialist guide, you will return to a typical restaurant where you can taste the typical dishes from the region to set you up for the journey. food such as chupe de camarón (spiced shrimp soup), tortilla de camarón shrimp omlette, or chicharrón de camarón (fried shrimp) you will be able to choose a plate.

on this tour also you have the option to visit the dinosaur tracks of querulpa.

on this tour we will travel by private car which will be to your disposal

arequipa tour toro muerto petroglyphs included:
  • official english speaking guide
  • private transport
  • typical lunch
  • bottle of oxygen
  • entrance fee
not included:
  • water and snacks






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